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Do you work with children, infants or babies? Maybe a Paediatric First Aid course is something you should consider essential. A short 1 day course will fill you with confidence and knowledge in the vast majority of situations that you'll find yourself in. So if you are part of a school, creche, child minders, youth club or just a parent who requires more knowledge this could be the right course for you.

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Paediatric First Aid

Do you require additional knowledge for your day to day life with your children or do you work for an organisation that requires registered first aiders, either way this 1 day Paediatric first aid course will be perfect fit and fill you with confidence to deal with any sittuation.

Where an organisation’s risk assessment of First Aid needs identifies that there is a requirement for Emergency First Aid at Work practitioners, then this national Award in Emergency First Aid at Work satisfies the requirements of the regulatory body for First Aid - the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

The course duration is 1 day. 

Course Outcomes

- Know how to assess an incident

- Manage an unresponsive casualty who is breathing normally

- Manage a casualty who is not breathing

- Recognise and assist with choking

- Manage Bleeding

- Deal correctly with shock

- Manage affectively minor injuries 

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