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High Ropes

Our High Ropes Adventure Course is simply perfect for anyone to attempt providing they are over 10 years old and have a relatively good level of physical fitness. Get Wet The Adventure Company owns, manages and runs their own course so when visiting our course you will receive extremely high levels of support and customer service from our own staff.  Just remember at Get Wet you are a name, not a number.

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The UK's Highest Continuous Ropes Course 

(If you are a group of less than 4 please call before booking) 

That's right, our course is a little bit different to most of the other courses you may have visited. Ours is the highest, at its highest point a dizzying 21 metres high! We're not trying to put you off, just giving you more of a reason to visit.

Don't just visit because our course is high, our trees are also very big Douglas Firs that are worth hugging and our platforms that you stand on are big enough in places for a tea party (yes, we've actually done it). In fact everything about our course makes it worth a visit whether you've tried 1 the high ropes course or you've done 100!

Your session will start when you meet your instructors, they will kit you up and deliver a brilliant brief of how and what to do in the course. Don't worry it's all really simple and you get to learn everything on our training course which is just 1 metre off the ground. Whilst you learn we learn too as we try and remember all your names.

Once through the training course you start in the real ropes course where the first platform is a realistic 7 metres above the ground. You will work your way through various elements as you move through the course including the "Postmans Walk" and the "Indiana Bridge". There are different stages to get down from the course once you're in it and they both involve our Zip Wire. 

This is a huge gravity braked zip which is very different to most zip wires found in ropes courses. You will be taught to abseil to the ground when the zip wire comes to a rest at its lowest point.

When you have completed the whole course, which 99% of customers do, you will end up back at the zip wire platform where you will also zip wire to the ground to finish.

High ropes sessions run for approximately 1.5 - 2.5 hours, depending on group sizes.

Training Course
Postmans Walk
Have you Goth The X Factor?
In The Course
The route ahead
Heading to the High
Sunny days, busy times.
Kitting Up
BIG trees.

Watch the fun!

Dont just take our word for how good our High Ropes is, take a look at some of our customer comments:

George Smith said:

I'm only really small but going into the high ropes made me feel like a giant, I just loved it!

Rory said:

An absolutely incredible and fabulously exhilarating afternoon. All equipment provided and good thorough talk through regarding safety and help with all equipment. A short but good practice section again all safety issues considered and explained. A demonstration then our turn. All completed we then were taken to the High wire route. Plenty of time to get round. If not happy they assist /talk you down/ along a section. Cut out point part way round. Very friendly and competent instructors. Well worth going. Visited July 2015