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Gorge Walking and High Ropes

Nothing in life is more fun than watching a bride to be flying down a big zip wire after completing the UK's highest ropes course dressed as a Nun, well apart from watching a bride to be gorge walking down a secret Welsh gorge dress like a Bay Watch lifeguard.....problem solved do both and have double the fun!

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Gorge Walking 

Get up and go gorge walking, wash away the hang over and have loads of fun slipping and sliding your way down a little Welsh gorge. Gorge walking is great fun normally but will surely be more fun with the bride to be dressed up in whatever fancy dress you decide is appropriate, just make sure it fits over her wetsuit.

High Ropes

Come and meet our instructors at the Uk's highest ropes course and get kitted up ready to whiz through the trees and down our zip wire. Fancy dress is always a must and our personal favourite to see here is the bride dressed up as a flying nun as she whiz's down the zip wire to the ground. 


We will book you all in for a set meal at the local Pub up the road in between your sessions (don't worry they are Stag group friendly and quite hard to offend). Whilst we don't allow anyone who is drunk to participate in sessions a cheeky pint at lunch will probably be OK. 


By all means give us a call with your specific requirements or if this is what you want just get on and book it now, all you need to do is choose the day you want and we will get in touch to firm up all the fine details once the booking has gone through. 


Check out the merchandise site to purchase any clothing you want for your group as well, you can get everything sorted whilst you are here. If you want us to take care of everything for you and save you some time just send us through any requirements you have and we'll get it all sorted on your behalf.  

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