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Rapid Descents

Are you keen to watch the Stag's knees knocking together as you make him traverse through the UK's highest ropes course? Are you keen to make sure he gets a really good dunking when you descend a prime Welsh white water river on an inflatable raft? Look no further...

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Come and fill your action packed Stag do with a session in our high ropes course, the highest in the UK and a white water rafting session. Serious action packed fun for a seriously good price which also includes lunch!

High Ropes 

Some may consider a high ropes course  bit tame for a Stag Do, but is it tame if the Stag is dressed up like Tarzan or George of the Jungle?? We've even had a Stag complete the ropes course wearing boxing gloves and a ball and chain around his ankle! Get in touch with any ideas you have for the stag and we can make sure we work out how to accommodate them.

White Water Rafting

A half day session of slides, swims and jumps in crystal clear water. A definite hangover cure which will provide endless entertainment for any activity packed Stag Do. You'll be kitted out in all the best equipment and sent deep down into a Welsh gorge where you will navigate your way from top to bottom without the aid of a safety net! 


We will book you all in for a set meal at the local Pub up the road in between your sessions (don't worry they are Stag group friendly and quite hard to offend). Whilst we don't allow anyone who is drunk to participate in sessions a cheeky pint at lunch will probably be OK. 


By all means give us a call with your specific requirements or if this is what you want just get on and book it now, all you need to do is choose the day you want and we will get in touch to firm up all the fine details once the booking has gone through. 


Check out the merchandise site to purchase any clothing you want for your group as well, you can get everything sorted whilst you are here. If you want us to take care of everything for you and save you some time just send us through any requirements you have and we'll get it all sorted on your behalf. 

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